4G LTE: iPhone XS & XS Max 266% faster than iPhone X

iPhone Xs debits LTE 600x389 - 4G LTE : les iPhone XS & XS Max 266% plus rapides que l

If we compare it with theiPhone X, theiPhone XS still seems to differ on a few very specific technological points, in particular the flow in 4G LTE in download. The latter was measured by the tool SpeedSmart to estimate the expected Internet performance gains compared to the iPhone X.

As for the old iPhone models, the apple company used Qualcomm and Intel to manufacture the modems for its smartphones. However, to produce the iPhone XS modem, Apple only collaborated with Intel. The latter was able to produce the first model to integrate 4 × 4 MIMO antennas. It is a technology that allows the iPhone to offer better speeds in 4G.

iPhone Xs debits LTE 600x389 - 4G LTE: iPhone XS & XS Max 266% faster than iPhone X

The results of the test carried out by SpeedSmart are quite impressive. The performance of the iPhone XS is more than twice as high as the iPhone X. In the test conditions, the iPhone XS reached a minimum of 60 Mbit / s in download, while the old iPhone does not exceed 30 Mbit / s.

However, be aware that these are only preliminary tests. To refine the results, it will be necessary to conduct other tests. But the figures released let us believe that we will have much faster speeds on the iPhone XS when used in 4G.