4G Chromebook Pixel: $ 1,449 April 8

4G Chromebook Pixel: $ 1,449 April 8

Image 1: Chromebook Pixel 4G: $ 1,449 on April 8Conceived by Google, the next Chromebook will be available in two versions. Like some tablets, there will be a Chromebook Pixel Wi-fi and another 4G compatible.

This latest model will be released on April 8, according to the official Google page. Initially, only Americans will be able to take advantage of the Chromebook Pixel. They can already pre-order their copies.

To acquire this computer, they must pay $ 1,299. For the 4G version, add 150 dollars to the invoice. In this case, they will be entitled to 100 MB of data transfer per month for two years as well as 1 TB on Google Drive. If this fair use is not enough, Google also offers compatible paid offers:

  • $ 9.99 for an unlimited day pass
  • 20 dollars for 1 GB per month
  • 35 dollars for 3 GB per month
  • 50 dollars for 5 GB per month

These prices and availability are only for the United States. The French page of the Chromebook Pixel does not speak of any 4G version and does not advance any date or price.

Image 2: Chromebook Pixel 4G: $ 1,449 on April 8