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4G: Apple still under attack for non-compliance with a patent


Posted: February 28 2019
Updated: February 27, 2019

by Steve

Every day his complaint. Often taken to task by the famous patent hunters, against whom the apple brand regularly loses its lawsuits in the United States, Apple today will have to face Optis Wireless Technology, a company that really does not agree with the 4G standards found among iPhone.

iphone xr 1 - 4G: Apple still under attack for non-compliance with a patent

According to the American company, the Cupertino company has indeed infringed some of its patents. The complaint, filed in the State of Texas in the United States, relates to seven patents, all relating to the 4G connection method. Optis Wireless Technology claims that several iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are affected by this problem and that, if the company did indeed contact Apple to determine a price linked to the use of patents, no agreement would have yet been found. Hence the prosecution of the day.

Optis Wireless Technology would like to obtain damages in the form of royalties. The case would therefore take place before a judge. The complaint was filed this week and justice will have to determine if the documents provided are admissible. Is the company a patent troll? Everything seems to prove it: last August, Optis Wireless Technology had already attacked Huawei over these same patents. The Chinese giant had to pay $ 10.6 million.