$ 488.8 Million loss from Samsung!

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Posted: Aug 14, 2012Updated: July 2, 2013

by TanguyH

The Apple-Samsung fight still continues! This time Apple comes with some estimates of the repercussions that the ‘copies’ of Samsung have had on the sale at Apple.

iphone 5 rumors ebay sales - $ 488.8 Million loss from Samsung!

According to estimates byApple, losses due to copies ofApple would exceed $ 488 million. Which means that 2 millioniPhones and D’iPads would not have sold due to unfair competition.

The CPA announced that Samsung reportedly earned $ 8.16 billion in revenue, including $ 2.241 billion in profit from the sale of patents infringing devicesApple. It is therefore estimated that Samsung should pay $ 2.5 billion to $ 2.75 billion in damages.

What will be the final verdict? Response in the days that follow!