4 tips to identify a counterfeit smartphone

4 tips to identify a counterfeit smartphone

Nowadays, it is much more difficult to buy cheap falsified devices. Not because there is less selling, on the contrary, but because cheap and imported options are more and more numerous. Yet, we always run the risk of falling on counterfeit devices. Here are some tips that will help you make your choice with more security.

1. Always be wary of overly-tempting offers

Let's face it, there are no miracles. A Galaxy S8 sold 200 euros is not something normal, and we can imagine that something is wrong. Either the device is broken or defective, or you are likely to fall on a counterfeit. You should always check the average price of a new device and, when it comes to used equipment, you should also check prices on trusted merchant sites. If it is not counterfeit, there is the possibility of stumbling upon a stolen product. Always be suspicious, especially when it comes to high end.

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Always be careful of devices that are too cheap. AndroidPIT
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In general, the original products are well finished and beautiful, and when they are put on a counterfeit copy, it becomes clear which one is the fake. Cheap plastics, apparent flaws, fuzzy printed letters, different notch (counterfeits still can not make cheap borderless notches), or missing parts (like sensors, buttons, audio outputs). Many items can put you smart and show you what you have to do with a counterfeit product.

AndroidPIT thinking of getting iphone 3363
Finishes can deceive the eyes, but not touch it. AndroidPIT

By looking at the details, we can also determine if a smartphone is a fake. The spelling errors, both in French and in English are indicative signs. Also, always carefully watch the brand logo, as counterfeiters like to joke and find tricks with the original names to deceive people. iPhoni, Somy, Orro, Sansung, Aplle and jen pass, which look like innocent mistakes, but which actually reveal the counterfeit.

And remember that there is obviously no iPhone with Android, high-end digital television Apple or expensive devices with three processors.


As you can read in our article below, the IMEI is the unique number that every smartphone with chip receives to prove its origin. If your smartphone does not have an IMEI number, or if it is the same as another device, it is likely to be a counterfeit. To check this, type * # 06 # in your smartphone's phone application. If no number or error appears, it is already a problem.

If a number appears, write it down (Dual SIM smartphones display two numbers). First, check the printed IIMEI on the device box (if you do not have an IMEI in the box, that's another problem). Then go to imei.info and enter the same number. L, you will have to see the same device you have on hand, including the model.

imei code
Each mobile phone has its own IMEI. AndroidPIT

4. The box and accessories

It is also possible to perceive clues of forgery in smaller items. On the box, you can already find suspicious things, such as IMEI, spelling errors, pixelized, low-resolution images, or rough finishes among others. Accessories follow the same principle: defects, poor-quality plastic, less well-finished workmanship, tarnished and fuzzy prints, and lack of items in the box also present risks.

motorcycle g5 plus box out
Original and quality accessories AndroidPIT

Have you ever had problems with fake devices? Tell us in the comments !

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