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4 minor accidents with autonomous cars in California

Since last September, Google has been authorized to conduct tests with its driverless vehicles in California traffic. The firm has an authorization for some 48 vehicles, with however heavy restrictions.

google car Among these restrictions, the contracting of overpriced insurance, and the obligation for vehicles to carry an operator capable of taking over the steering wheel and controls at any time. It is also mandatory for the company conducting the tests to report each accident.

Google is currently testing 4 autonomous vehicles on the roads of California, and 4 accidents have been reported to date. Not enough to panic, however, for several reasons.

As Google explains, of the 4 accidents, only two occurred when the automatic steering module was activated, and no accident occurred at more than 16 km / h.

Each accident did not cause any injuries and only caused slight damage to the vehicle body.

Google certifies that accidents are the responsibility of either a third-party vehicle or the driver of the company in manual mode. The software and the electronic system of Google Cars are thus not called into question.

Moreover, the firm's autonomous vehicles are doing quite well, since since September, they have traveled a million miles (1.6 million km), both on the highway and in town. So we can see that the Google system is reliable and promising for the moment.

And it will take Google to continue its momentum, since the objective of the firm is to offer vehicles without any command allowing the driver to resume driving.