3G at home with SFR

Really harmless 3G at home from SFR?

The 3G box signed SFRSFR is working on a future consumer offer incorporating “femto cell” technology and which will take the form of a 3G antenna at home! You will thus be able to create your own network at home and / or between neighbors.

In fact, this will result in the presence of an additional box, connected to the SFR neufbox by Ethernet cable.

A GSM antenna at your place!

The “femto cell” therefore makes it possible to install a mini 3G antenna at the heart of an ADSL residential gateway. This new box will therefore contain a low-power 3G + relay which will allow SFR subscribers to benefit, at home, from the advantages of 3G.

The operator hopes to eventually be able to improve network coverage (through collective residences for example) and above all lower the associated costs. But what about security? It is all the same a question of installing a GSM antenna at private individuals, more and more sensitive to the health problems which could result from the emitted waves.

No indication regarding the price of this service has yet been released by the operator.