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3D Touch Might Be Missing on All 2019 iPhones

According to Wall street journal, Apple could part with 3D Touch on all iPhone of 2019. Apple plans to limit the functionality of future iPhones to reduce their costs.

This pressure sensor is without doubt one of the most overlooked technologies among the general public. It allows users to access menus and secondary functions by tapping the screen. Launched with the iPhone 6s in 2015, the 3D Touch has already disappeared on theiPhone XR. The latter instead offers the Haptic Touch. Unlike 3D Touch, it does not take into account the level of pressure on the screen, but its duration.

3d touch iphone 6s 1024x768 - The 3D Touch could be absent from all iPhone of 2019

The decision to remove the 3D Touch from the next iPhone is not a big surprise. The Cupertino company would be visibly satisfied by the Haptic Touch on the iPhone XR, and especially by the savings made possible by the removal of 3D Touch. Apple could therefore consider lowering the prices of future iPhones to increase sales.

Blayne Curtis, a Barclays analyst, also confirmed that the next Apple iPhone should no longer ship the 3D Touch. It also evokes AirPods 2 for the fourth quarter of 2019 and a HomePod at a more affordable price.