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360 Security3.5.7.5747

360 Security is a complete optimization solution on its functionalities, but if it is free, the interface riddled with advertisements which mix with the widgets of the interface is really annoying. In addition, some manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei are already integrating this type of functionality into more “clean” applications.

In line with CleanMaster or the applications integrated into certain smartphones, 360 Security is a fairly complete mobile security suite since it takes care of optimizing the smartphone and cleaning up unnecessary files.

The interface is divided into three parts. Improve, Clean and Antivirus. For each part, a button allows you to launch the tasks in one tap. The Improve section offers a number of optimizations to save the battery but also the performance of the phone by automatically cutting energy-consuming applications, or by deactivating certain services.

The Clean section analyzes the data deemed useless, in order to free up storage space by deleting temporary files, but also duplicate photos, blurry photos, screenshots … In short, all that your smartphone can store without you being aware of it.

The Antivirus section finally offers an on-demand scanner but also real-time protection against phishing, a tool to block certain applications, and shortcuts to the remote location and locking possibilities offered by Google.

In addition to its basic functionality, 360 Security offers some additional tools such as a blocker of unwanted calls and SMS, a data consumption alert tool or a notification manager.

The interface, which incorporates the codes of Material Design is simple and pleasant, but still full of advertisements, while some specific features do not seem directly accessible.