360 degree videos are here!

YouTube is developing a set of services and functionality with the aim of attracting more and more users and is now launching 360-degree videos.

For a few years now, manufacturers have been offering cameras capable of filming in 360-degree panorama mode, and now YouTube intends to exploit the market by offering to host and allow access to this content.

Google had mentioned the compatibility of its video platform with this type of content last January. For now, the function is only compatible with mobile versions of YouTube on iOS and Android. The user can thus access a video and slide their finger to change the angle of view.

YouTube indicates that the function should soon be offered on the web version of the platform with native support integration. Compatibility is currently only guaranteed on PC with the Chrome browser and certain virtual reality glasses.

Currently, only a handful of videos are available with these features on YouTube. But users are invited to share their videos, YouTube having even produced a guide to help Internet users in this process.