35 free Instagram templates for social media influencers

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is less spammy with real users. Over the years, Facebook has grown into the cowboy town where people can push their products. Instagram doesn’t have this problem, probably because you can’t message strangers, and there’s no way to spam everyone.

Today Instagram is the biggest marketing platform. The dimensions of square Instagram photos are 1080 × 1080, take this into account when designing your templates. For influencer and corporate marketing brands, these gorgeous square Instagram templates are what you need.

With their light styling and summer foliage, these designs are well suited for promoting sales, flash promotions, and summer time product discounts. Their fun and user-friendly theme avoids a typical “salty” appearance, making them perfect for Instagram and other social media platforms.

Create eye-catching ads for your Instagram page and social media with these ready-made templates for Photoshop and Illustrator. Our Big Sale models feature a modern, energetic and fresh design style ideal for malls, boutiques and fashion brands.

These free Instagram templates for Photoshop and Illustrator are perfect for fashion brands, retailers, and social media influencers.

These free social media templates are ideal for promoting sales, events, and product promotions. The generic design style and two-tone colors make them easy to use for a variety of brands and niches.

These free social media banners are sampled from one of our Valentine’s Day menus. With a simple layout with minimal line art illustrations, the templates are stylish, professional yet quick and easy to edit.

A common practice for popular social media accounts and influencers is to say ‘thank you’ after making breakthroughs among fans, likes, or followers. So, to help you post stylish thank you messages on Instagram, we have created this free set of banner templates.

Break away from your gadget and take a look at what we’ve brought you: dynamic social media templates, meant to sharpen your beloved Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Compose one, customize the PSD template according to your preference, replace the images with your own smart objects and post them to your fashion blog, lifestyle, travel or social blog.

Refresh your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page with a set of eye-catching blue color templates and attract more passionate users to your source. Lifestyle, fashion, product advertising, online stores will have a whole new look thanks to the aqueous color scale of these 12 models, revealing your fondest memories of summer and summer vacation. sea.

If you want to have unique images in the feed, this collection of minimalist Instagram templates is here to turn your profile into an art gallery. Conquer social media! The set allows the use of 9 elegant templates with remarkable typography and the corresponding color scheme. Choose the combination of these features, improve the perception of your images and publish them!

Social media is a magnet that attracts attention and success for your brand. So meet another social media template kit, namely turning your posts into a center of the digital universe.

Images come alive with sleek and stylish Instagram templates. It is an ideal tool for changing the accent and using the images you present. The pack is rich with 15 classic variations of fully customizable models in different colors.

Show everyone your freshest looks with Vana Fashion models. They will make your profile stand out from the crowd and will certainly become an essential tool for all fashion addicts. This fabulous set includes 8 Instagram templates, compatible with Photoshop and Sketch. Their minimalism is easily combined with any type of image: whether it’s an amazing look or a photo from your summer trip.

Present images beneficially with the easy-to-edit pastel-colored Elly templates, which are an essential tool if you want your posts to be attractive and ultimately compelling.

What could be more inspiring than Japanese street fashion? Carefully explored, digitized and structured, it’s here to permeate your social media via a set of fascinating PSD templates.

Set of 3 .PSD files in square format, ideal for use on Instagram or other social media networks. Includes Newsletter / Mailing List, New Blog Post and New Products Shop, but can be easily reused.

Includes 88 different banners (88 .PSD files) in 5 different categories.

A social media pack of 4 models for Instagram, created by Anastasia Voutsa.