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300,000 sms sent in one month from an iPhone!

It was in 2008 when a 13 year old American girl (Reina) had beaten the world record for the number of sent SMS in a single month by sending no less than 14,528 sms.

We have just learned that the teenager has nothing but to behave well since another American (teenager also) pulverized the previous record by sending 303,398 sms in one month; which gives an average of 7 sms per minute! The new record holder, Crystal wisky, sent all his sms from an iPhone!

Rest assured, it would appear that the teenager has good grades at school despite spending her life on her iPhone and at the same time doing a job that occupies her 40 hours a week. Crystal wisky may have a role in the next X-Men

We discuss it on the forum.

(W3SH via CNET)