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30 tips and tricks for Windows 7

Windows 7: master it in minutes

Image 1: 30 tips and tricks for Windows 7

Even if Microsoft announced Windows 7 death for January 2020, many of us still use it on a daily basis. According to the site NetMarketShare, there would even be even more Windows 7 users than Windows 10! Keeping Windows 7, even in 2018, can have multiple advantages:

  • because the system remains one of the lightest and fastest, that it is intuitive and that it allows to keep benchmarks acquired since ten years.
  • because some manufacturers have never updated their drivers. Consequently, it is impossible to properly operate a graphics chipset or a printer (for example) on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. The only solution is therefore to keep the old Microsoft system
  • because the system continues to benefit from regular updates. Even if no new functionality is brought to it, Windows 7 still benefits from security patches to this day. As a result, it can be used with complete peace of mind, unlike Windows XP (no more extended support since 2014) and Windows Vista (no more extended support since 2017).

But maybe you missed some of the features of the operating system? To go further, to fully master it and customize it from all angles, here is a series ofthirty tips dedicated to Windows 7. Come on, let’s go!