3 reasons not to buy an Android Wear smartwatch

3 reasons not to buy an Android Wear smartwatch

Android Wear or the extension of a Google mobile OS that seems to have a great deal of harm to the masses. At the same time, this version of Android drive and the concept itself are very much judged too far ahead of their time. Then, it's also missing the little thing that could make this Android altration a must-have. In this article, we will briefly discuss the 3 reasons not to buy an Android Wear smartwatch.

Prices that push back

Since its launch by Google on the market, Android Wear has seen a lot of smart watches adopt it.

But, for a few months now, we have noticed that the market is no longer lending itself to this system, both on the Google side and the brands that adopt it. That said, brands have not stopped to make their products evolve and create others. the image of Fossil, this rput watchmaker will be the first to insert an Intel Atom chip of a tiny engraving. This could be the big comeback of Android Wear which would see its autonomy increased.

For those who do not know, Intel Atom SoCs are very popular for their endurance. Once again, this will certainly not convince the users who finally decide on the final price of the object. And, unlike any needle or mechanism watch, many people see Android Wear smartwatches as jokes, and I understand them. There are certainly costs, but it would be really interesting that brands make Android Wear more accessible by ceasing to charge 300, 400, 700 euros and so on …

3 reasons not to buy a smartwatch android wear price image 00
Count a minimum budget of 300 euros for a Moto 360 (2015) for example. AndroidPIT

Seeing such price, it has limited the impression of paying a second smartphone … Finally, end up with an object that is not half of the functions of a smart phone and that can not or hardly not live without . By unsynchronizing the Android Wear watch from Android, the watch only serves to display the time and take advantage of certain functions, which may be practical, but present in a smartphone.

Autonomy far too weak

Criticism by many people, the autonomy of smartwatches, Android Wear, is very fair. what level exactly? About a day or so, but it does not fly high. In summary, this is the average lifetime of a battery-powered smartphone these days. Suddenly, made a second object reload at night on the way home, which is another constraint for the user. As long as no (considerable) evolution will emerge in terms of autonomy, Android Wear will certainly remain at a standstill.

Moto 360 2nd gen 08
Usually, the autonomy of a watch in Android Wear is a day and a half big maximum. AndroidPIT

The killer feature that makes them indispensable

as owner of a Moto 360 (Android Wear) for several months, I must confess not to use it every day, but some times and according to my moods. Why will you ask me? As I saw it at the head of the article, it misses the little killer feature that makes it indispensable. Right now, when I look at my Android Wear watch, I see it more as a gadget than an indispensable / must-have item. But, I hope to see an update come up with an option that destroys all competition.

Did you have a smartwatch on Android Wear? If so, how do you consider it? Useful or useless? In both cases, we would be curious to know your opinion. now, I leave you your hand in the comments.

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