3 of the best Chrome apps for creating beautiful designs

Here are three of the best web apps based on drawing and image editing recommended by Chromebook Help Center. Students can use these tools on their Chromebooks and engage in creative activities that involve drawing, painting, and photo editing. The apps offer a wide variety of built-in tools such as brushes, shapes, texture, stamp, spiral brushes, effects and many more.

3 of the best Chrome apps for creating beautiful designs

1- Sumo Paint


“Sumo Paint is a very comprehensive painting and image editing application, with an active arts community of over 570,000 registered members and over 2,000,000 images. The app has the web’s most versatile collection of image editing. ”

2- Sketchpad


“Draw, sketch, create with Sketchpad…. You can experiment with photos by painting new elements in the composition, adding notes, manipulating graphics, overlay text etc… edit back and forth as many times as you want through the changes you make. ”

3- deviantART muro


“DeviantART muro enables users to create complete works of art like never before achieved by digital drawing programs… Providing great features, speed and flexibility compared to other drawing applications on the web, deviantART muro is free to everyone. With azimuth layer capabilities, pressure sensitivity, and over 20 programmed and unique brushes, deviantART muro is advanced enough for expert artists, yet simple enough for novices and everyday doodlers. ”

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