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3 billion videos viewed per day on Facebook

If you have the impression that Facebook's news feeds are almost nothing more than a kind of giant zapping, you are not totally wrong.

FacebookAt a Facebook press conference to announce the group's quarterly results, Mark Zuckerberg announced that 3 billion videos are now viewed on his network every day. With a claimed active user base of 890 million Internet users, this represents more than 3 videos per day.

Facebook reported that more than 50% of American users connecting to Facebook every day watched at least one video per day on the network. The results are interesting, but it is not specified what proportion of these videos benefits from automatic playback.

Despite everything, the network takes note of the change in uses and trends over the past 10 years. Users have gone from exchanging messages to capturing photos, and now videos are the most successful.

For comparison, 2 billion photos are shared every day on Facebook, a billion less than the number of videos published. And the progression is rapid since it was not until June 2014 that Facebook exceeded the milestone of one billion videos viewed per day.

And the success of Facebook in the video has reason to worry the giants of the sector, since now a large part of these clips is no longer hosted on YouTube or other platforms, but directly on the network.

By hosting these videos directly, Facebook is paving the way for future monetization of content. In addition, the success of the videos also allows Facebook to multiply partnerships with advertisers.

Facebook posted a profit of $ 3.85 billion in fiscal 2014, of which $ 3.6 billion comes from advertising in different formats.