3 advantages offered by the Type-C USB socket

3 advantages offered by the Type-C USB socket

This year, smartphones offer a Type-C USB socket are growing in number. This is not just about flagships. Many mid-range and even mid-range smartphones now offer this feature. Behind this new format, there are of course some advantages and I will reveal today my favorites in this video.

1. The charge is faster

The USB Implementers Forum, which is the association of companies operating in this context, has learned errors with the micro-USB. Type-C chargers are actually faster and can charge your smartphone at 15 watts, which is 5 times faster than older connectors. And the good news is that it does not damage the battery.

2. You can charge from both sides

Since both ends of the cable are identical, they can perform both functions. You can choose in which direction you want the power to be. In some cases, this gives fun results or your smartphone suddenly charges your external battery. If you have a lot of battery, you can charge the smartphone of your friends. Plug in both smartphones and control the direction of charging. To do this, a menu opens when you connect both mobiles.

3. Transfer the files

Want to quickly copy images or music between two smartphones? Android Marshmmallow and a Type-C USB plug are the ideal conditions for this. Android recognizes that there is a smartphone the other end and offers to share your files. In case you receive a file, you must open a file manager.

Do you like this new format? What are your favorite features with the USB Type-C socket?