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$ 3.6 billion spent on the US App Store in 2019

Americans have been good clients of the App Store throughout 2019. The latest Sensor Tower report highlights the $ 3.6 billion spent in the 100 largest subscription apps in the App Store. . This represents an increase of 16% compared to the $ 3.1 billion spent in 2018.

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Total spending on subscription apps accounts for 24% of the $ 15.3 billion spent by users on the App Store last year. Thanks to its ad-free service, YouTube was the first subscription app in the United States, followed by Tinder.

App store

For its part, the Google Play Store US has generated more than $ 1.1 billion in the first 100 apps per subscription. In this precise case, the growth is significant: + 42% compared to the 775 million dollars spent in 2018. However, the App Store remains still and always in the lead.

Combining the two stores, spending reaches more than $ 4.6 billion in 2019. Again, the increase is significant: + 21% compared to $ 3.8 billion generated the previous year.

According to Sensor Tower, the 10 best apps by subscription on iOS and Android devices increased by 10% in 2019. On the other hand, the income of apps classified from 11,100 places increased by 35% over the same period. This suggests that the subscription model allows less popular applications to generate more revenue.

Despite this growth, subscription applications have not been to the taste of all users. Apple has also invited developers to sell their apps by subscription rather than a single cost as of 2016. In addition, since the end of 2017, Apple has allowed developers to offer free, hard trial prices on subscriptions.

What do you prefer: the subscription cost or a single cost?