299 dollars of components on the 64 GB version

As with each launch of a manufacturer's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 Edge of Samsung does not escape the traditional boning to examine the components and the estimate of its BOM (Bill of Materials) or cost of all components.

The design office IHS has lent itself to this recurring game on a Galaxy S6 Edge 64 GB in its version intended for the US operator Verizon Wireless and estimates that 290 dollars approximately its BOM, assembly of components included.

Galaxy S6 Edge 03 This is more than the 256 dollars estimated by the BOM of the predecessor Galaxy S5 at its launch, and also higher than that of the iPhone 6 (247 dollars) and iPhone 6 Plus (263 dollars), and compare to the sale price of the smartphone. , of 699 dollars excluding operator subscription.

As a reminder, the BOM does not take into account many costs (license fees, marketing, logistics …) but IHS analysts note the progress of this indicator over the years. The most expensive component remains curved touch display on the two slices of the smartphone, estimated at 85 dollars and whose production is difficult due to low yields.

Next is the processor Exynos 7420, also designed by Samsung and etched in 14 nm, which is estimated to $ 29.50. DDR4 RAM (still Samsung) comes just after with a cost of 27 dollars and is a first in a smartphone (the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus use DDR3).

Galaxy S6 Edge IHS

IHS analysts note the presence in this version of a baseband component signed Qualcomm while other disassembled models concerning other operators included a similar component but supplied once again by Samsung.

Finally, the 64 GB of memory also comes from the Korean giant and count in the BOM of the Galaxy S6 Edge for 25 dollars.