256-bit encryption of iOS cracks

256-bit encryption of iOS cracks

Will Apple get back to work on the security of its iPhone and the accompanying iOS? This is what one would think when we learn that a Russian team specializing in security, ElcomSoft, has succeeded in discovering a flaw allowing the extraction of encrypted data from the apple brand smartphone.

It is since the arrival of the iPhone 3GS and iOS 4 that the Cupertino company has implemented 256-bit data encryption giving hackers a hard time. This is evidenced by the unlocking solutions that always take longer to arrive. Never mind, the Russian team arouses has managed to exploit it and recently offers software (Windows compatible) capable of cracking the protection key.

The baptized software Phone Password Breaker So managed to extract the encrypted data to then be exploited. Note that the software also works on Blackberry smartphones but needs to be connected to the terminal by USB link. No risk, therefore, of unwanted intrusion through a wireless network.

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(Source: 9to5mac )