25 inch monitor with ultra thin bezels

Asus MX25AQThe Asus MX25AQ screen (photo on the left) benefits from borders reduced to the maximum (1 millimeter) to consider a multi-monitor configuration with the least visible joins possible.

Next to that, there is an IPS panel 25 inch offering a definition 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, viewing angles open to 178 degrees, a gray-to-gray response time of 5 milliseconds, a 1,000: 1 static contrast ratio and a brightness rate of 300 candelas per square meter.

In terms of connectivity, there are three HDMI ports, including one with MHL support (to connect the smartphone), a DisplayPort port and a mini-jack output to take advantage of a remote headphone jack. Note that the audio stream can also be used to power built-in speakers.

According to price comparators such as ours, you have to pay around 400 euros for this Asus MX25AQ monitor.