2,100 jobs eliminated to keep the mobile branch

Sony's mobile strategy paid off last year, but not enough to fully raise the bar. In 2014, Japanese smartphone sales increased 11% to a total of 11.9 million units sold.

This progression comes in response to the efforts made by the group in Europe and North America, implying a refocusing of the offer on terminals with higher margins. Unfortunately, if there is progress, the latter arrives very late and struggles to make up the deficit estimated at 1.6 billion euros over its 2014 fiscal year which will end in March.

sony figures

In response, it is the employees who will have to pay the bad things. At first, Sony had announced that it would part with 1,000 people in its mobile sector, finally it will be 2,100 employees who will have to leave the ship by the end of the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Sony Mobile Communication will thus be relieved of 30% of its payroll to return to a total of 5,000 employees within a year. The restructuring plan is expected to cost 244 million euros over two years, with the aim of tripling profitability.

It is in the video game sector, thanks to games and its PlayStation 4 that the progression is the strongest: + 45%. TV and audio also posted a 4% increase in sales, accessories + 20% and even music is doing well at Sony with + 7% growth. Sony will end the year in the green with a turnover of 60 billion euros (+ 2.6% over 2013).

The fact remains that the mobile branch will be in deficit with 1.3 billion euros in losses. Sony's new strategy will be officially presented on February 18.