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iPhone XS & XS Max: excellent autonomy according to Consumer Reports

Earlier this month, Consumer Reports published the results of its tests on theiPhone XS and XS Max, and there is no shortage of surprises. When keynote, Apple clarified that the iPhone XS promises 30 minutes of additional autonomy compared to the iPhone X. Surprisingly, the report notes a gain in life of about 5 hours!

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max Or Arriere Handling 600x375 - iPhone XS & XS Max: excellent autonomy according to Consumer Reports

From laboratory tests, we learn that the iPhone XS Max lasted 26 hours, while the XS reached 24.5 hours. In tests carried out last year, the iPhone X had reached 20 hours. To carry out this test, Consumer Reports used a programmed robotic finger, capable of performing several activities on each device, in order to simulate the day of an average user. It is specified that the robot surfed the internet, took photos, used GPS navigation and also made phone calls.

During the tests, we note that the brightness was set to 100%. Therefore, reducing it could further improve the autonomy of the two new iPhones. Consumer Reports also tested the 5W power supply, and pointed out that it takes 210 minutes to charge the iPhone XS Max, double the Samsung Note 9. By offering a USB-C fast charger, Apple could easily solve this problem.