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Clubic 1.1

Practical, accessible and free, the application Clubic will allow you to find on Android, the entire universe of the Clubic webzine with, among other things, news, reports, analyzes, tests and files published daily by journalists from Clubic editorial staff. Pending future developments, new features such as video support and the use of the Android “Menu” button, but also the correction of some display errors, layout problems and other youth bugs, l is of course to be discovered and closely monitored on Android but also on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Clubic now has its application on the Google Android Market. The Clubic editorial team invites you to discover in detail the practical and free Android application of our computer and multimedia news magazine!

The application Clubic for Android, will allow you to find the whole universe of the Clubic webzine with, among other things, news, reports, analyzes, tests and files published daily by journalists from Clubic editorial staff. Although sober and basic, its clear interface proves to be particularly accessible and offers quick handling to the greatest number, from beginners to advanced users. The home screen is divided into nine visual buttons. By default, only the “Headlines” category is accessible. It will offer you to find the entire news feed at a glance, refresh the content in real time and easily access previous news by going back in time with the “Load more” button. In addition, via the top menu, you will be able to consult the news by themes: “internet, software, mac universe, Clubic Pro, IT security, hardware, networks, future technologies, image and sound, mobile and telephony, television “without forgetting the part” relaxation and various discussions “.

The other entries and functionalities of the Clubic application are reserved for members of the Clubic community. To access it, you must enter your identifiers via the “Identify” button. If you do not have a Clubic account, you can create one directly from the application via the “Create an account” button. Although initially restrictive, the operation turns out to be particularly fast, completely free, requires only a valid email account and offers many advantages.

Once connected, you will first find the “Clubic Files” produced by journalists from the Clubic editorial staff. Just like the news, these files, analyzes, tests and other guides can be filtered by categories: “internet, networks, IT security, software, hardware, Mac universe, future technologies, image and sound, mobile and telephony, television and Clubic Pro “. The “How to?” Button offers tips, tutorials, advice, and verified answers to many common computer questions and problems. Behind the “Top Android Apps” button, you will find the test and editorial reports of the Android applications analyzed by journalists from the Clubic software library. It will be possible for you to go up the publication flow, to consult the applications distinguished by a five-star rating “Clubic Selection”, but also to download and install them quickly on your “Androphone” via the Google Android Market.

For the rest, you will find the “Clubic price comparison” service. On the one hand, the “Shopping” tool offers to perform a manual search in order to instantly compare the prices of the same product on several online stores. On the other hand, the Buying Guides will provide you with expert advice in order to thwart the pitfalls of consumption and of course to choose wisely which products correspond to your expectations as well as your needs.

Connecting with a Clubic account, even with the automatic connection mode, may still seem tedious. However, this slight annoyance was quickly counterbalanced. Indeed, in addition to access to all of Clubic’s editorial content, it also offers the possibility of commenting on news, files and software analyzes, but also of sharing them by email, Twitter, Facebook, SMS and MMS. In addition, you can add them to favorites, by clicking on the star in the lower menu bar, and quickly find them via the “Favorites” button. Finally, you will be able to chat with members of the Clubic community via the “Private messages” function. To finish on the options side, you can activate notifications, clear the cache and configure in detail the management of the cache.