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Xiaomi surpasses Samsung and now dominates the Chinese market

It is a brand that is rising and that is taking up more and more space on the smartphone market, Xiaomi had already offered third place from the manufacturers selling the most devices in the world during the third quarter of 2014. Now, the manufacturer completely dominates the Chinese market.

IDC smartphone market Xiaomi China According to the analysis firm IDC, Xiaomi would have occupied 12.5% ??of the Chinese market in 2014, appearing on the highest step of the podium and doubling the formidable Samsung yet long established in the Empire of the Middle.

Follow Lenovo, Huawei and Coolpad over the year … Apple does not appear in the Top 5. Xiaomi shows a meteoric progression in China with + 188.5% market share in one year, while Samsung fell by 22.4%.

From now on, the big brands will have to evolve and offer more affordable smartphones to recover ground in China, but also everywhere on the globe. The latter's strategy of offering low-cost smartphones in emerging countries may have to be deployed more widely, including in the wealthiest countries, simply because mentalities are evolving as are the ways of consuming. As a reminder, in France, 51% of mobile subscribers have a no-obligation plan, and therefore do not benefit from a subsidized smartphone.