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Xiaomi openly declares Apple war

Last November, Xiaomi said it intended to become one of the main players in the smartphone market, and even the dominant player by overtaking the giants Apple and Samsung in ten years.

Today, the Chinese manufacturer reaffirms its great ambitions, by going hunting directly on the lands of the North American giant. He plans to go preach for his parish during an event scheduled on 12 February next to San Francisco, in California.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (1) Xiaomi Mi Note Pro with SoC Snapdragon 810 and 2K / QHD screen (click to enlarge)

Xiaomi kills two birds with one stone. In addition to being in the vicinity of his rival (less than 100 kilometers between San Francisco and Cupertino, where Apple's headquarters are located), the Chinese manufacturer shows that it is ready to do battle at home, but also across borders, or even his continent (he has recently tried his hand in India, with success). His compatriot Huawei has not hidden his skepticism on this subject, not seeing in him a real threat.

The event should be the opportunity to present the latest smartphones of the brand, namely the Redmi 2, the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro that we discovered little in January.