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wirelessly recharge smartphones and gadgets connected by WiFi

WiFi Hacker

While some are busy equipping the next billion people with smartphones, others are thinking about recharging all of the equipment that comes into our daily lives. The WiFi connectivity of our routers could be the solution.

PoWiFi "height =" 150 "width =" 257The wireless charging has a bright future ahead of it, but how do we power the billions of connected objects that will surround us soon? The solution may come from our WiFi routers. A team fromUniversity of Washington indeed works on the transformation of WiFi wireless communication into electrical energy.

Baptized PoWiFi ((Power over WiFi), it is already able to power simple sensors without battery (temperature sensors, camera system without battery) but it should eventually be able to be used to recharge smartphone batteries. Energy recovery is still very low but with the WiFi infrastructure widely deployed worldwide, this method could be one of the links for devices in constant recharge thanks to the ambient radio frequencies.