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Windows XP plays immortal

Despite the various operations of seduction and the threats which now hang (with the end of the extended technical support) on Windows XP users, Microsoft's successful OS is resisting and playing immortals.

According to a recent report, if Windows thus dominates the global OS market, the latest Microsoft is not the most popular, far from it.

OS market shares

We are still witnessing a clear dominance of Windows 7 which is installed on 58.4% of machines. But behind, it is Windows XP which occupies the field with 16.94% of market share, followed by Windows 8.1 with 10.55%.

Surprisingly, Windows 8 is still in the race with 3.52% of market share, just behind Mac OS X 10.10 and this despite the strong criticism surrounding the OS and the free switch to Windows 8.1.

Behind, we find Windows Vista with 1.97% market share, followed by Max OS X 10.9 with 1.61%, the other OS representing only 3.41% of installations.

Note that if Microsoft is currently struggling to forget Windows XP, it should be the same with Windows 7. The OS is also itself in extended support phase since this month of January, but in this regard, Microsoft has one plan: offer free upgrades to Windows 10.

The Windows XP fleet, however, constitutes a population "at risk", since no more security updates have been published for a year now, and it seems difficult to upgrade machines often inefficient, or even incompatible with systems more recent. Difficult to impose an investment on the user, whether to pay a license for Windows, or to acquire new hardware even more expensive … especially when XP is also known to be the most OS hacked from the world.