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Windows 10: an updated pirate copy will remain a pirate

Update : VentureBeat has obtained some clarifications from Microsoft. " A mechanism for non-authentic Windows 10 PCs will be offered through the new Windows Store so that they become authentic, whether they are upgraded or purchased versions. " At what price ? " We will detail it (note: the mechanism) when we approach the launch ".

The fact remains that there will be no direct laundering of pirated copies of Windows authorized to pass for free to Windows 10. Microsoft did not mean to say that for those which remain pirated there will be – what seems probable – measures time limitation, or whether they will benefit from security updates.


Astonishment at the start of the week when we learned that Microsoft would be complacent towards Windows pirates. An ideological change that still seemed unthinkable a few months ago but almost a necessity to impose Windows 10 quickly in terms of volume.

Windows-10-Menu-StartWe still don't get over it? holders of a pirated copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 will also be able to benefit from the free upgrade to Windows 10. A free version which, as a reminder, excludes versions intended for very large companies ( Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 8.1 Enterprise). It will be necessary to upgrade in the first year of marketing Windows 10.

But not everything is as clear regarding pirated copies. A statement from a Microsoft spokesperson to Polygon indicates that there will be no change to the authenticity of a license. In other words, a non-authentic copy of Windows thus upgraded to Windows 10 will remain non-authentic … and therefore pirate.

Are there certain limitations to be expected? It would be an amazing vicious circle. Ars Technica received the same press release and its request for clarification to Microsoft ended in a: " no comment ".

Microsoft's communication poses more questions than it answers. As is often the case, the real clarifications only take place shortly before the launch, which in this case will take place next summer.

Microsoft recalls in any case that a non-authentic or pirated copy of Windows increases the risks in terms of security or even malfunction of certain features. On these points, the speech of the Redmond firm does not change.