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which mobile application consumes the most energy?

Do you know which applications on your Android smartphone take up the most space? And which ones use the most battery? AVG Technologies offers us a report of a study carried out on the most popular applications in the Play Store.

Amazon Appstore Europe We thus discover in a graph the applications which have the most impact on the performance of the terminals, those which use the battery the most, which consume the most data plan … What sometimes revise our uses of these applications.

AVG has collected data from users located in the USA, Australia and Great Britain. Data concerning usage Data only concerns data transfers over cellular networks, as for the storage space used, it includes both the initial download from the Store but also the data downloaded by the application afterwards .

A first classification is established at the application level, then a second only relates to games.

AVG battery application

We discover that it is Facebook, Spotify and Instagram that monopolize the most resources on terminals. Overall, Facebook is positioned in the top three in terms of energy consumption, data transferred and the storage space used.

AVG Drums games

As for video games, these are the most popular games that are also the most demanding. Offered in Free to play, there is Hay Day and Boom Beach, followed by Candy Crush in the heaviest games department for platforms. Candy Crush Saga and Soda are the two games that consume the most battery.

Overall, if free to play games are the most criticizable in these results, it is their very mode of operation that handicaps them: these games are funded by the dissemination of advertising, which uses external data and therefore monopolize more terminals.

AVG ends its study on a simple and final assessment: the publishers still have a lot of work to do on optimizing their applications to make them more economical both in system resources and in energy. It is only on this condition that the autonomy of smartphones can truly grow while awaiting the arrival of new generations of batteries.