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Where to pre-order iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5 (update: promo)

Where to pre-order iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5 (update: promo) – iPhone Soft

iphone 11 iconYou are aware that this Friday, September 13 marks the opening of the pre-orders for the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro / Max as well as the Apple Watch 5.

For once, pre-orders do not take place at 9 a.m. but 2 p.m. French time. This is especially to allow Americans not to have to do it in the middle of the night dixit Tim Cook during the last keynote.

Order and where to pre-order

To help you pre-order, we have listed the various links to authorized resellers. Apple is obviously not alone in distributing its new products, and it is sometimes good to go to Darty or Amazon for example, especially in case of out of stock on the Apple site in the color and / or storage of your choice .

Update : telecom operators also offer pre-orders for the iPhone 11 with small reductions. Yes, some operators like SFR or Bouygues lower prices by 20 or 30.

Note that if you are still hesitating, here are some articles that can help you:

Preorder links (including promotions)

iPhone 11

iphone 11 colors official

iPhone 11 Pro

official iphone 11 pro colors

Apple Watch 5

apple watch 5 official image

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