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Video from Bill Gates' Personal Agent?

Last month, Microsoft technology advisor, who is none other than Bill Gates, revealed working on a mysterious personal agent technology. Despite this mystery, our little finger told us that the Office office suite would probably be no stranger to this project. And it may well be that this is indeed the case.

It turns out that Microsoft is testing internally what for the moment takes the form of an application called Work Assistant and functional with Office on Windows Phone. This application seems to have been designed to take advantage of the possibilities of Cortana via voice commands.

Microsoft Place made a video with a prototype of Work Assistant which gives an idea of ??what is currently possible to do:

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reports that Bill Gates is involved in the creation of this application, while The Verge discusses the integration of Cortana directly in Office but only on mobile devices. The computer is also affected.

It all makes sense. It has not escaped anyone that Microsoft believes in Cortana a lot and its integration will also be found in the Spartan browser. So for Office, it seems all the more natural.