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vertical takeoff from the cockpit

Before the Parisian opening of the Paris International Air and Space Show, the manufacturer Boeing made the buzz by posting on YouTube a video of a spectacular takeoff of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Ten million views later, Boeing adds some equally spectacular sequences – and even more – of this takeoff operated almost vertically but with an airplane almost empty on board and low on fuel.

On the Boeing YouTube channel, click on the "Choose Your View" link. A video then offers three different angles of view to experience the amazing take-off, including adopting the pilot's point of view and in the cockpit. You can juggle between the three views at any time.

Boeing-787-9-take-off-choice-angles-of-viewBoeing told CNET that the video footage was taken using cameras inside the cockpit and a third-person view from a fighter helicopter. The integration of the video in this article does not allow the selection of the various angles of view. So you have to go to YouTube.