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USB 3.1 motherboards arrive

As CeBIT in Hanover prepares to open, motherboards with the latest technology USB 3.1, which announces theoretical transfer rates at 10 Gbit / s, are out. We can mention the models formalized by the Taiwanese manufacturers ASRock and MSI.

At ASRock, these are two references A97 Extreme6 / 3.1 and X99 Extreme6 / 3.1 that have been revealed. The first comes with a daughter board with a reversible Type C connector and a classic Type A connector, while the second comes with a reversible Type C connector and comes with a daughter board with two classic Type A connectors.

ASRock X99 Extreme6 3.1 ASRock X99 Extreme6 / 3.1 motherboard (click to enlarge)

At MSI, we are talking about twelve references. Through them, there are four references Z97A GAMING 9 ACK, Z97A GAMING 7, X99A GAMING 9 ACK and X99A GAMING 7 with Type A connectors, they are aimed more specifically at players. A fifth gamer reference Z97A GAMING 6 incorporates a Type C connection.

MSI Z97A GAMING 6 The MSI Z97A GAMING 6 motherboard (click to enlarge)

Now wait for the arrival on the stalls to find out the prices.