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universal applications but also Web, Win32, Android and iOS

As part of a BUILD developer conference, Microsoft has flirted with Windows 10 as a unified platform capable of running apps on all devices. The famous universal applications already mentioned many times.

And Microsoft's ambitions are great. The Redmond company is targeting a billion devices equipped with Windows 10 within two to three years after the availability of the operating system. What make the eyes of developers shine.

For them, it is the promise to touch with the same code the whole range of Windows 10 devices and therefore this billion devices discounted in the short term. These universal applications will be distributed via the same Windows Store.

This Windows Store will also be able to host web applications and in this case websites run inside universal applications having the capacity to interact with the operating system. There is also no question of missing out on existing Win32 applications.

Developers will be able to take advantage of their .Net and Win32 applications to make them universal applications. One example was that of Adobe Photoshop Elements which will be available in the Windows Store as a universal application. The use of Hyper-V virtualization technology has been clarified.

The surprise was the announcement of the possibility of reusing the Java and C ++ code of Android applications in order to run them on Windows 10. And the big surprise was that of the reuse of the Objective C code for iOS developers. But there is talk of code reuse and it won't be as simple as a mouse click for developers.


Operation seduction vis-à-vis developers is in any case launched to attract the greatest number on the Windows 10 platform.