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two zenwatch 2 planned for 2016

Jerry Shen, the CEO of Asus gave some information about the firm's next connected watch in an interview with the NDTV site.

Asus-ZenWatch Communication from Asus regarding its smartwatches projects is not stingy at the moment and the firm had already confirmed that a Zenwatch 2 was already in preparation for the third quarter of 2015.

Currently, the firm is trying to settle in a relatively juicy sector, despite the recent arrival of the Apple Watch. Today, the group's CEO talks about delays in the marketing of the next Zenwatch 2 model and talks about availability now planned for 2016.

The good news is that there will not be one, but two new Zenwatch series, one dedicated to women and the other to men. We can imagine that Asus follows the strategy adopted by Apple and offers its watch with two different dial sizes.

According to Jerry Shen, the first ZenWatch was a test to take the market temperature as much as consumer expectations. The next watch should therefore better meet the essential needs of users, especially in terms of autonomy and performance.

As with its VivoWatch, the Zenwatch 2 should carry a homemade OS allowing Asus to better control the energy consumption of the watch. Despite this, Asus does not forget Android Wear, and it could be that the watch becomes available with the two OSes to choose from.