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two months to uncover loopholes

The Redmond company is opening a security bug hunt for Project Spartan, the new browser currently offered in Windows 10 preview. Security researchers around the world will be able to take part and the best of them will likely receive a reward of up to $ 15,000.

It is therefore a Bug Bounty program but it is limited in time. The paid hunt will be closed on June 22. For critical vulnerabilities duly reported to Microsoft, their quality and complexity will be assessed. An eligible security bug will receive a minimum of $ 500.


This Microsoft initiative is similar to the one that involved Internet Explorer 11 at the time. Spartan is a universal application that will take over in Windows 10. When Internet Explorer 11 was previewed in Windows 8.1, a Bug Bounty program for it had lasted a month.

Microsoft ultimately spent more than $ 28,000 to reward six hackers who tracked down around fifteen vulnerabilities in IE11. The vulnerability awards ranged from $ 500 to $ 11,000.

For Spartan, the goal is to identify large security bugs during the period of its preview so that a correction can be made before its availability to the general public.