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Twitter raises the 140 character limit for MDs

Personally I do not like the limit at 140, it leaves little room for explanations and all the room for interpretations: IMHO, this format "quote from car bumper" is a fashion of time and publicist (a marketing paradigm: not so much a communication paradigm as a manipulation paradigm). How many public people had to explain themselves after their tweets, but also often too late when the interpretation having free rein had already been launched? A site for opinions which development is prohibited (the explanation), in my opinion it is useless except for consumers aspiring to intellectual servitude, such as serfs hanging from the tweets of some "master to think", there where education and propaganda are in the spotlight.

Yes, this is what makes Twitter special, we might say, but still, is there any real utility? Personally I do not believe: given its nature, Twitter would serve more to spark controversy than anything else! That said, it's free to use so I allowed myself to give an opinion going beyond the simple presumptuous tweet …