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TSMC starts mass production in 16 nm this month

TSMC logo In the wake of the many rumors about the processor Apple A9 who will equip theiPhone 6S, it was rumored that Samsung had come back in force with having been removed from the bulk of the volume of the Apple A8. For the Apple A9, TSMC would not be completely out of the game and would keep a minor share of orders.

According to Asian rumors, TSMC and Samsung both would have completed the industrial pre-production phase and the first would have the advantage of better yield and lower production costs. The Taiwanese founder could start mass production of the Apple A9 this month using its 16nm engraving technology.

The same rumors suggest that TSMC could recover more of the volume than the 30% of orders which would be allocated to it, on the basis of tests before production. But Samsung may also be just waiting for the green light from Apple to start production with its 14 nm etching.