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to a paid SVOD service

Based on the YouTube Music Key model (available in beta by invitation), YouTube would work on its own video on demand service by subscription based on information published in Variety. Against the payment of a monthly subscription, a user could see unlimited videos without advertising.

YouTube-Android-logoIn particular, it would be original content taking part in the program but YouTube seems to fall back into some of its faults as for YouTube Music Key with bitter discussions.

If a partner does not agree to the terms of the subscription service, it would be excluded from the possibility of sharing advertising revenue in the future. The same tactic that had sparked a revolt of music freelancers with YouTube Music Key.

At this point, Variety?s information is not yet very clear, but we can think that after YouTube Music Key, YouTube has indeed the idea of ??applying the same recipe beyond music. YouTube may be a colossus of online video, it does almost nothing for Google.

Recall that last month, a YouTube official has already hinted at the later arrival of a paid service without ads.