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These words that trigger spam

As an email marketing player, Mailjet has established a classification of the words in the emails that are most likely to trigger spamming.

Given Mailjet's field of activity, this ranking will be of particular interest to those who do not want their marketing emails to miss their target by being relegated to the spam state.

Without context or particular area to be linked, the Top 10 is as follows:

  • Increase
  • Earnings
  • Profit
  • Easy
  • Lose weight
  • Performance
  • Opportunity
  • Cash
  • Exceptional
  • Private sell

For marketing managers, Mailjet is more precise by proposing for a specific domain the words which are the most triggers of spamming. Words most often displayed in the subject of the message:

MailjetAccording to statistics from Vade Retro taken from its Love Your Emails filtering and email classification application, 70% of emails received by individuals are graymail (commercial emails, newsletters, social network notifications) and 5% of undetected spam by the email provider.