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These eight characters that make Skype crash badly

Update : No more playing. After the filtering of the eight prohibited characters, updates are available for all Skype platforms affected by the ugly bug.


Turbulent zone for Skype users. Eight characters are likely to sow discord when they seem rather harmless. There is nothing to suggest that "http: //:" (without the quotes) can become an almost deadly message. A processing bug with a malformed URI with serious consequences.

After the alert launched on the support forums of the Skype community, VentureBeat tried the prohibited experiment and noted the plantogenic behavior with the Skype applications for Windows, iOS and Android. The Skype application for Mac and the modern Windows Store application on the other hand seem unaffected.

With the Skype application for Windows, the concern concerns both the sender and the recipient of the message which should limit bad jokes. If necessary, the application crashes and until a looping planting.

Skype-bug-crash-messageClearing the conversation history on a device does not matter. Skype insists on downloading it automatically from the cloud after an attempt to restore it, and then crashes as dry. On Windows, VentureBeat had to resolve to uninstall Skype version 7.x and downgrade to version 6.x to regain control.

This big bug has been reported to the Skype team. She said to be aware and floor on a resolution. From initial feedback, it already seems that an update to Skype for Android is saving.

Last week, it was a bug with more exotic characters in Arabic which had caused a stir, including for the Apple Messages application on iOS and causing the iPhone to crash. Pending a fix, Apple offered a workaround using Siri.