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there would be favoritism

You've probably heard of it. The new high-end SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 has met some worries, especially overheating. Corrected since, the latter would still have cooled some manufacturers, reluctant to equip their standard bearers with a solution to problems.

Among them, we can mention Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer is rumored to have favored its own Exynos SoC. This is how Qualcomm would have bowed down Samsung by offering him a modified version just for him, a version avoiding the slightest overheating.

LG G Flex 2LG G Flex 2 smartphone equipped with SoC S810 (click to enlarge)

The thing would not be seen well by LG who considers that he has been wronged, because having to settle for the classic version, with its G Flex 2 smartphone in particular. South Korean group says pulling out lawyer force and carrying on business, local media say before the courts.

If it was confirmed, should we expect the same reaction from the Chinese Xiaomi, who will also offer the SoC S810 with his Mi Note Pro smartphone.