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there is one Frenchman among the 100 candidates selected

The company Mars One, at the origin of an eponymous project, continues to refine its selections among the many candidates who have declared themselves ready to participate in a one-way trip to the planet Mars.

mars-one-base_280x186 Out of more than 202,000 candidates, there are now only 100 left: 50 men and 50 women mainly from Europe and America. Among these, we find Jeremy Saget, a Frenchman recently interviewed by Sud-Ouest.

The 37-year-old Bordeaux doctor said he was particularly delighted to continue to be part of the adventure: "It's a project I'm really thrilled about. Now, there is still a lot of work to do."

During the third selection stage, it is the faculties mars-one_580xh adaptation and endurance of the candidates who will be subjected to severe test. They will thus be placed in a replica of the base which should shelter them on Mars.

At the end of the selections, there should only be 24 candidates left, 12 couples whose mission will be to settle on Mars and establish a colony there. In 2018, a communication satellite will go to Mars, then in 2020 a probe robot will go to the planet to locate an ideal installation site for the base. Finally, it is between 2022 and 2024 that the installation of the base will take place, before the first men leave.

Mars One should gradually highlight the selection of participants as well as their training period through television broadcasts, in particular in order to raise funds to finance the entire project.

If the first trip is successful, the project will consider expanding the colony by expanding the base on Mars and sending groups of men and women each year to the red planet.