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the web application is no longer a Chrome exclusivity

Last month, WhatsApp made a lot of noise by announcing the availability of a web client. However, the latter was only compatible with the Google Chrome browser.

Today, Firefox and Opera browsers are added to the list. However, the procedure remains the same. An association with a smartphone is necessary with always the absence of the iPhone (to be able to take advantage of the Web client).

News published on January 22, 2015For the first time, WhatsApp mobile messaging users – still more than 700 million! – have the possibility of using it from the Web browser. This is probably the most notable change since the thunderous takeover by Facebook last year.

This step towards the web platform is important, but it remains timid. Currently, only the Google Chrome browser is compatible. No identifiers to enter when going to this address, the connection is made by means of a QR code on the screen. This is to be scanned with his smartphone.

WhatsApp-Web-Chrome This is also where things get a little tough. There is an association with the smartphone for which the WhatsApp account must be active (active mobile application). We must therefore see more of the Web client – WhatsApp Web – as an extension of the mobile application. For the rest, messages and actions are synchronized.

Management from a computer is more practical in many cases, but iPhone owners are not affected. The fault of " Apple platform limitations ". No web client for iOS users … yet.