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the ultra-violent polemic game in video and images on PC

Hatred - thumbnail

Particularly controversial due to its Adult Only label on Steam, Hatred is preparing for its release in June. On this occasion, the particularly gore shooter offers a new trailer and unhealthy images.

Selected on Steam Greenlight last February, Hatred looks like a shooter in a rather bloody isometric view. Indeed, the software of Destructive Creations attracts controversy because of its ultra-violence as well as its relatively raw language, elements which have earned it a classification " Adult Only On the Steam platform.

Hatred - 1 "height =" 129 "width =" 229In order to prepare the release of the PC game calibrated for the June 1, 2015 on Polish, the Polish developers have put online a new video and images which advertise the color. The criminal whom we will incarnate will not make lace and will sow death and destruction in its passage, even if it means carrying out a few stab wounds well placed to silence its victims.

The title exploits the Unreal Engine graphics engine of Epic Games, but the latter asked Destructive Creations to remove the logo of its communication technology from the game.

The studio said that development of Hatred is almost complete, but the release date is a little later because "Our team will be busy playing The Witcher 3".

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