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The Titanic recruit with Unreal Engine 4: video and funding

Long-term project led by the independent studio Four Funnel Entertainment, Titanic: Honor and Glory aims to recreate the famous ship of 1912 with Unreal Engine 4, the powerful graphics engine of Epic Games.

Titanic Honor and Glory - 3As expected, the development team recently launched its new funding phase through a campaign on the platform Indiegogo. The objective is to collect a total of 250,000 dollars to finalize the work on the boat, but also some surroundings (the docks, the city of Southampton).

It is recalled that the game will certainly offer to visit the ship, but will also have a story mode. You play Robert Morgan, a man who will have to work to clear his name of the horrible crimes for which the police are looking for him. You will have to complete your mission before the Titanic sinks into the depths of the Atlantic.

For now, we know that Titanic: Honor and Glory is slated to be released in october 2015 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.