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The Swatch brand will have its connected watch in the next three months

The major watch brands are gradually preparing to enter the connected watch market with their own vision and know-how in watch design that large high-tech companies do not necessarily have.

Swatch logo After Tag Heuer who is planning a smartwatch by the end of 2015, is the brand Swatch which will launch a connected watch within three months, according to its CEO Nick Hayek who specifies that it will access the internet and that it will serve as support for the solutions of mobile payment on Windows and Android.

Bloomberg note that it will be launched around the same time as the watch Apple Watch with which it risks competing head-on. The boss of Swatch has so far been rather reluctant towards the prospects of the connected watch segment and had not wanted to position his brand in this niche, preferring to wait to see the evolution of the market.

At the same time, the company amassed a large number of patents in 2014 which will be able to be exploited in new products as of this year, while others, like batteries made of new materials and capable of providing a double autonomy. , will take several years to reach the market.