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the Snat US stalls the Freedom Act which must limit the costs of the NSA

Documents released by Edward Snowden have highlighted the enormous efforts of the NSA to collect massive amounts of data and spy on conversations, even if it means taking ways outside the legal framework of its prerogatives.

NSA These revelations have greatly weakened trust between US high-tech companies and their customers around the world, and they have led the government Obama to propose a reform aimed at reducing the intelligence agency's listening powers, at least at the margins.

However, this reform project, approved by the House of Representatives, was ultimately not approved by the United States Senate. Three voices were indeed missed auw 60 necessary to pass the project. The massive data collection, which involves intercepting the information of millions of American citizens, and not the only business suspects, for the purpose of combating terrorism, should therefore continue.

The House of Representatives had nevertheless put forward the right to respect for private life to push the reform of the Patriot Act which would have prohibited the NSA from this type of large-scale data collection. However, even supporters of the reform, known as USA Freedom Act, the proposed changes do not go far enough to make a real difference.