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The real threat is Samsung, not Xiaomi

Never stingy when it comes to swinging a few spades, to his former partners for example, Huawei has just released a new one, this time intended for its competitor and compatriot Xiaomi, the one who is nicknamed the Chinese Apple and who wants to dominate the world within ten years by overtaking the duo Samsung-Apple.

Xiaomi Mi Note (1) The Xiaomi Mi Note recently unveiled and launched in China (click to enlarge)

Through the voice of its CEO Richard Yu, Huawei has declared that it fears more from Samsung than Xiaomi. For him, the real rival, it?s the South Korean giant, not the young Chinese firm.

Also according to Richard Yu, if Xiaomi has quickly risen to second place at home, it does not the weight on the high-end segment, even with models like the latest Mi Note Pro, whose autonomy it considers weak. The man thus implies that Xiaomi will continue to radiate, provided that it remains at home and is limited to the entry level or mid-range. Basically, with models such as the Redmi 1S, the Redmi 2 or the Redmi Note 4G with which it is easy to offer attractive prices and therefore to conquer the so-called emerging markets.

In short, no mercy. It?s everyone for his apple when it comes to conquering the world and all blows are allowed especially when the ambitions are not hidden.